About Us

BookaSkip was founded upon the belief that skip ordering and waste management services in the construction industry could be done better.

Analysis on construction

Through a six month analysis on construction sites across the UK it was found that it took on average 20 minute to place an order for a skip and the solutions being utilised on 77% of these sites were not best practise and the cost impact on these companies was considerable.

We wanted to make things quicker and easier. By making minor tweaks and implementing thought out, solid solutions, the saving was equally considerable with minimal impact on staff time. BookaSkip is here to do things better.

How Do We Make
Things Quicker?

Our bespoke designed app based customer management system gives our customers the benefit of booking their skip services hassle free. Instead of a process that can take upwards of 20 minutes (sometimes much longer), a simple 3 minute in app process replaces all of that and allows you to carry on with your other day to day tasks.

How Do We Achieve Great Pricing: Individually large and medium size companies can achieve good pricing, but by BookaSkip grouping their clients waste requirements together, we are able to achieve great pricing. This is achieved by wholesaling our clients skip requirements as a group to the waste management market place and by providing increased levels of business we are able to achieve significant cost reductions.

Solutions Designed For You: With a combined 47 years of experience in our management team we have designed solutions across a whole host of industry sectors. The solutions we design and propose take into account staff behaviour, best practise, environmental impact and cost